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Rotaliana Plane

Two rivers outline theĀ  green triangle which is the Rotaliana Plane: Adige river and Noce river. The Noce flows into the Adige just in our place of interest. Nowadays Rotaliana Plane is fully cultivated with grapes, but up to 15 years ago you could also find a lot of apple trees. Since apple trees aren’t there anymore the landscape has little changed, but Rotaliana Plane’s most distinctive trait has not: it is still, and more, “the best european vine garden“, as Cesare Battisti said.

Thanks to the high mountains which surround the plane and protect it from winds, and to his geological formation (from moraines and the alluvial soil), this plane gives life to a special and unique species of wine (certifiedĀ in 1971): Teroldego. Around it spins all plane’s life, even though other species of wine grow there.

Wine growing is one of the most important activities for Rotaliana Plane, which comprehends 3 municipalities: Mezzolombardo, Mezzocorona and San Michele all’Adige. Each of these municipalities has his own wine cooperative. Of course there are also private wine cellars, some of which are internationally known. Big groups are present, but they’re not the rule. A high percent of people are farmers, and a big part of them sees in wine growing the only one income for an entire family: wine production is indeed a social issue in such a context.