Cavit Trento

In 1950 some wine growers felt the need for a new approach to wine production. That’s how Cavit was born: a consortium of 11 wine cooperatives, which represent over 4500 wine growers, 65% of the whole Trentino production.

Cavit takes care of the refining process up to the bottling. Of course they collaborate with Istituto Agrario San Michele, in order to keep in the foreground quality; in particular they are working on a special project (“Il Maso”), which aims at finding favourable ecosystems for some vines and developing them. 


In my opinion, the most important aspect of Cavit is their marketing strategy: quality is their aim (it’s pretty obvious: when the ground of which you dispose is not so much – and in Trentino it’s not so much indeed – you must bet on quality), but the way they want to relate to the world of wine is typically marketing driven. For example, after completing a tasting course, about 20 people form the “Panel”, a group of  judges called to be a reference for the production choices made by Cavit , but more importantly, a guide in the  consumers’ taste. The services they offer, besides a big range of wines (from sparkling wines – typical of Trento area – to awarded red and white wines from every possible valley), comprehends “useful” matching advices, ad hoc recipes and tests on your wine skills.


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