iPhone wineApps

Do you remember Moleskine’s wine journal? Well, if you have an iPhone you won’t need it anymore, because, since there are apps for everything, there are of course apps designed for wine lovers.


Wine Journal is pretty the same as the Moleskine’s one,  it lets you catalog and keep track of all of the wine in your cellar.

Snooth wine lets you search for wines in your area, find local wine stores, and keep track of your favorite wines.

Wine prices finds current and past wine auction prices, as well as current wine retail prices, thanks to its large database of wine.

 Wine enthusiast guide provides you with the contents of the Wine Enthusiast magazine.


Wine Pics by Sommelier brings the vast wine knowledge of the world’s best sommeliers out of the restaurant and into the palm of your hand.

Wine PhD provides you with the information you need to make an intelligent wine selection.

Wine list pro has become one of the most sophisticated and versatile iPhone tools for the wine lovers.

Wine Glossary helps you to understand wine language.

These applications are practically the same, but they can result useful and funny. I’d like to point out that they are in the “Fashion and Trend” section of the Appstore, fact that highlights what I call the “wine mentality“, this removal from wine itself reducing it to “just” symbolical element.


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