Yestarday I went to a FuoriSalone event: Cambiare Etichetta at Cantina Scoffone. It’s a nice event, even bacause it makes you think of the meaning or, better, of the function of labels.

Since my grandfather closed his wine cellar, in his house the old, unused labels are used for shopping lists, taking notes and scribbling and drawing at the phone; the nice thing is that we use them on the wrong (?!) side. Well, labels are  not only “sheets”, simple cards sticked to bottles, but they convey messages, they can, as some designers have highlighted, become objects, memories of wine or they can even improve wine tasting.

For example Giulio Iacchetti has thought a wooden label which becomes a horizontal support for the bottle.

Gordon Guillaumier has made a label for blind people, with names and information written in Braille: it makes you think of wine not only with the sense of smell, taste, sight but even with the sense of touch.

Then there are labels which give you information about the wine, other ones which become a “drop stop“, other ones are thought as “dresses” for the bottle… it’s worth going there!

Via Pietro Custodi 4, Milan
Opening 12 April h 18-24
13-16 April h 17.30-24
17-18 April h 12-24


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