One of the most important thing in wine tasting is the glass you use: a wrong glass could nullify months of hard work.

Since this sensitivity has grown, several firms have begun to produce specific glasses. One of them is Riedel, an Austrian firm specialized in glasses and decanters, all handmade.



Riedel studied a glass for every kind of wine, even for Teroldego. You can find them in their Wine and Glass Guide!

As a contrast to this approach Eoos, a Viennese design studio, thought a universal tasting glass for Alessi: Alberto’s Vineyard, a synthesis of a white-wine glas and a red-wine glas. One side of the glas is made in order to keep inside and concentrate the aroma, while the other half  opens outwards, liberates fragrance and lets the wine oxygegnate.


Eoos said that the interesting thing in this glass is the possibility to “create wine”, because wine is still developing when you use this glass and you can transform it just by rotating the glass. This is an ironical glass, but there’s the idea, behind it, of a glass which can helps you to learn something by yourself, and not listening to someone “expert”.


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