Wine Tasting Festival Bozen

Tastings, parties, tours, open wine cellars… this week begins the Wine Tasting Festival in Bozen.

Already in 1896 Bozen there had been a “Spring Wine Market”: over 160 producers and consumers met together in a town  that was one of the most southern wine suppliers of Austria-Hungary. This Spring Market was suspended for many years until it restarted in 1947. It was placed in a lot of buildings of the town, hotels, even a castle, but this year, for the first time, the Wine Tasting Festival will take place in Museion, the most important museum of contemporary art in South Tyrol.

The event will begin with an Inaugural Symposium about “Design & Packaging: a strategic factor of success?“. This issue was central also at Vinitaly, as we had seen here: the traditional world of wine is discovering that labels and bottle shape can convey messages or create a competitive vantage.

During all the month of May the South Tyrol Wine Route has organized Vino in Festa, a range of events spread in the Region all related to wine. All the infos here.

[More details here]


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