I Dolomitici

In a situation where the biggest part of the production is caught by wine cooperatives, for private producers becomes difficult to introduce changes on a large-scale, for example in the safeguard of biodiversity.

11 wine producers, tied up by friendship and by a common vision, have created a consortium: “I Dolomitici”. The purpose is to allow the authentic expression of the territory, through a shared production ethic.

The idea is to create an ideal wine box (which usually comprehends 12 bottles). The 12th bottle should be the wine coming from a vineyard that they “saved”. It was Dolomitici’s first action: they adopted the vineyard (called Enantio, but the native vine is called Lambrusca, which is different from the more famous Emilia Romagna wine), worked on it and now they’re waiting for the results. Because the first gift you need in wine production is patience.

Here is their manifesto, and a blog that follows their adventures.

The 11 wine producers are:  Castel Noarna [Noarna di Nogaredo], Cesconi [Pressano] Dalzocchio [Rovereto] Elisabetta Foradori [Mezzolombardo] Eugenio Rosi Viticoltore Artigiano [Calliano] Francesco Poli  [Santa Massenza] Gino Pedrotti [Lago di Cavedine] Maso Furli [Pressano] Molino dei Lessi [Maso Rosabel – Lavis] Vignaiolo Fanti [Pressano] Vilar [Villa Lagarina]


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