Have you ever seen this strange object similar to a silver cup?!

I remember that I saw two of them for the first time in my grandparents’ house, and I played with my sister pretending that they were cups of tea… But one day my grandmother explained to me the real function of that funny object.

In the past, but in some cases still today, in wine cellars there was quite no light. Winemakers and sommeliers needed something to judge maturity, clarity and color of wine. In fact the little concave parts allowed to make the most of the few light for example of a candle. Winemakers could see which wine they were tasting, and they could appreciate its transparency.

Another important function was the oxygenation of wine, again thanks to the interchange of concave and convex bottoms.

The usefulness of this little object was multiple because it was little and unbreakable, and so it could be used and carried everywhere.

Nowadays there’s no more need for tastevin, because the conditions of wine cellars have changed, but sommeliers use it as a symbol, and wear it around the neck for example in official cerimonies.


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