Self production

In Piana Rotaliana, as well in quite all Trentino region, most part of the grapes production is absorbed by the wine cooperatives, that turn it into wine. The role these cooperatives have is very important, because they give certainty and uniformity to the wine growers. In a certain sense, however, these wine cooperatives limit the wine growers’ freedom with rules and restrictions.

One of them is the prohibition of the self production, or, better said, the prohibition of selling self-producted wine.

The opinions are contrasting: from a certain point of view this thing is considered necessary because of the structure of the cooperative itself , but  from the point of view of the ones who would like to introduce new agricultural practices this prohibition implies the fact that the wine growers’ aim is to produce as much as possible for the wine cooperative, without care for the conditions of the soil (even though wine cooperatives impose some production codes).

The indipendency of the wine growers, which would imply a higher consciousness and responsability in wine production is in trade-off with the need for the social structure assured by the wine cooperatives.


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