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Wine Tasting Festival Bozen

Tastings, parties, tours, open wine cellars… this week begins the Wine Tasting Festival in Bozen.

Already in 1896 Bozen there had been a “Spring Wine Market”: over 160 producers and consumers met together in a town  that was one of the most southern wine suppliers of Austria-Hungary. This Spring Market was suspended for many years until it restarted in 1947. It was placed in a lot of buildings of the town, hotels, even a castle, but this year, for the first time, the Wine Tasting Festival will take place in Museion, the most important museum of contemporary art in South Tyrol.

The event will begin with an Inaugural Symposium about “Design & Packaging: a strategic factor of success?“. This issue was central also at Vinitaly, as we had seen here: the traditional world of wine is discovering that labels and bottle shape can convey messages or create a competitive vantage.

During all the month of May the South Tyrol Wine Route has organized Vino in Festa, a range of events spread in the Region all related to wine. All the infos here.

[More details here]


Gusto nudo 2010

…or the fair of the heretical winegrowers

In Bologna, on 24th and 25th April, there will be an unusual wine fair: Gusto nudo. Here will meet all the italian “heretical winegrowers”, that is winegrowers who take care of real taste of wine, spirits and beer. In order to maintain it these winegrowers use natural methods, refuse chemical products and so on.

Here is their manifesto.

Vicolo Bolognetti, 2 – Bologna
24 – 25 Aprile 2010

A jump in South Tyrol

 There’s a road in South Tyrol, the Wine route, which passes through vineyards, villages and hills. It’s full of beautiful landscapes, amazing trees but also things that arouse your curiosity… One of this things is architecture, or, better, the interaction between old, traditional architecture and new architectural/urban interventions: very frequentily in South Tyrol these ones are made intelligently.

I’d like to focus my attention on two new buildings, related obviously to the world of wine: Winecenter in Kaltern and the New Wine Cellar in Tramin.


Kaltern is a village near to a lake, surrounded by vineyards and full of German tourists; Tramin is a village nearby, land of the native vine “Gewürztraminer“. Both villlages are pretty, a sort of place out of the world. And both villages live on wine.

Kaltern renovated its wine cellar and built a Wine center nearby, right on the Wineroute. The project is signed by an Austrian studio, Feld72: they started with a question: “Can you replace a place?“. The answes is, I think, the connection between the old wine cellar and the new shop, which has been created by an empty space: an intern yard, included by a monolithic structure, sweetened by great glass windows which in the daytime shine as mirrors and reflect landscape around them, and which, on the contrary, in the night-time show, display, the intern life and the structure of the architecture. Inside the building there are few floors designed as a route, or better as a tour, between the different ways of approaching wine: tasting, knowing, buying, enjoying…


[more details here and here]

Tramin, on the other side, in the same years built a brand new wine cellar. Here there’s not the problem of interaction between old building and new one, but between wine-growers’, workers’ and employees’  flow and visitors’-tourists’  flow: they had to be separated. Werner Tscholl designed a wine cellar which has been defined an “archi-sculpture” because of its green wrapping. It seems imposing, and it is, but in a soft way: the green is bright, quite innatural, but it will be less striking when vegetation around it will grow (last sunday there were just a few sprouts!). That green, and that shape, fit well with the conformation of hills around it, and the choice of such angles and broken lines simulates a naturalness which, closely seen, disappears. As you can see from the pictures, the wrapping dialogs with the interior furnishing, for example with the shelves that hold the bottles.


[more details here]

Vinitaly 2010

Vinitaly is the most important fair for the world of wine in Italy. It takes place from 8th to 12th April in Verona.

More than 150.000 exhibitors, more than 100 nations represented, 91.000 m2, the important sector of Spirits, the growing Oil world, competitions, tastings, Italian food…  this is Vinitaly, the week in which the exponents of the world wine establish relationships with each other and Italy shows the flower of its production.

Passion and interpersonal relationships are the main theme of the kermesse, whose slogan is ,this year, “The World We Love”.

Among the exhibitions and the competitions, it’s interesting to focus our attention on the Packaging Competition, one of the few ones all over the world.