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Labels #2

The success of a wine can sometimes be due to the appeal of its label. We’ve seen how a few designers have developed this idea, giving new meanings to a flat piece of paper.

Last April came out a book which compiles a selection of labels. The thesis of this book is that labels are a very specific field, and that with the packaging generally speaking they create a great complexity of messages: labels do contain words, information and number which resume years of efforts. It took over 400 days to write Wine Labels, and the author tried to make a selection of the most used sizes of the bottles for every kind of wine.

The book itself  recalls itself  the size of a bottle and the cover seems made of cork: it can’t be missing in the perfect library of a wine enthusiast!


WINE LABELS   –   Index Books   –   ISBN: 9788492643332


iPhone wineApps

Do you remember Moleskine’s wine journal? Well, if you have an iPhone you won’t need it anymore, because, since there are apps for everything, there are of course apps designed for wine lovers.


Wine Journal is pretty the same as the Moleskine’s one,  it lets you catalog and keep track of all of the wine in your cellar.

Snooth wine lets you search for wines in your area, find local wine stores, and keep track of your favorite wines.

Wine prices finds current and past wine auction prices, as well as current wine retail prices, thanks to its large database of wine.

 Wine enthusiast guide provides you with the contents of the Wine Enthusiast magazine.


Wine Pics by Sommelier brings the vast wine knowledge of the world’s best sommeliers out of the restaurant and into the palm of your hand.

Wine PhD provides you with the information you need to make an intelligent wine selection.

Wine list pro has become one of the most sophisticated and versatile iPhone tools for the wine lovers.

Wine Glossary helps you to understand wine language.

These applications are practically the same, but they can result useful and funny. I’d like to point out that they are in the “Fashion and Trend” section of the Appstore, fact that highlights what I call the “wine mentality“, this removal from wine itself reducing it to “just” symbolical element.

Official wine journals in Italy


Every year tens of gourmet travel around Italy, taste wines and judge them. At Christmas, if you don’t know what to give as a gift, you’ll find easily a clue in every bookshop: wine guides.

They are importante from two points of views: producers who rely on quality receive a recognition of their efforts, and consumers can find without any trouble the right wine for the right circumstance or show off their knowledge in matter of wines.

But from the consumer’s side these guides demand a passive attitude, on the contrary of the attive attitude which we saw with Moleskine’s wine journal.

Moleskine’s wine journal

From the drinking side it is interesting to see how we can drink wine at different levels. Everyone can buy a bottle of wine and drink it, but, since wine is a complex product, everyone can understand different things and feel different sensations.

When you become more and more expert in wine tasting it is sometimes hard to remember every taste and every wine you have drunk. Moleskine helps us with its new “Wine Journal“, which is part of the “Passions” collection. Thanks to this helpful notebook you can take note of every wine you have tasted, rate it, add personal notes and so on, and create your own wine guide.